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Polymetal Seals were founded in 1978, and specialized in the development research and production of the sealing devices for pneumatic & hydraulic system.

For the last two decades, we have been consistently dedicated of all our efforts to improve the physical properties of raw materials in sealing devices as well as the design of sealing construction, and developing the producing technology. In this way, we will be able to provide excellent sealing devices for pneumatic & hydraulic system.

We engaged in making the excellent sealing devices to offer to the end-user of pneumatic & hydraulic system, and wished that they would able to produce the best automatic machine & equipment, which would also meet with the requirements of environmental protection.

Polymetal Seals are manufactured by special engineering plastic and high tensile poly-urethane, which is prominent in heat-resistant, water-proof & wear-bearing. The materials that we choose is low volume changed in mineral oil, hydraulic fluids & non-polar chemical solvents, non-split in high-temperature water, low compression set and low friction.

The structure of our products is designed by the most exquisite simulator and manufactured under the process controlled by the Automatic Control Computer System. Therefore, the materials of Polymetal Seals is constituted evenly with supreme quality. It also is characterized by the effect of preventing leakage, being activated with low heat saving energy for your machine and long-term usage. In another word, it is suitable for high-speed pneumatic equipment and high-pressure hydraulic machine in a very long period of time.

Now the era of high-speed exquisite computer is right in the corner. It is an inevitable trend & development in future industry to integrate the automatic industry of precise computer technology with traditional mechanical facility. Complying with this development, the relevantly essential spare parts of pneumatic & hydraulic devices also are becoming more and more accurate.

We, polymetal Seals, always persist in our very first goals: "research our life-style, quality our well-being". In order to provide superior sealing devices, we would follow the footsteps of world-class predecessor in pneumatic & hydraulic field to challenge the limitation of future technology.